How to solve the deviation of the conveyor

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Conveyors commonly used in concrete mixing plants transport various raw materials in concrete mixing plants. The working time is long, and the transportation opportunity appears to be off.

How to solve the deviation of the conveyor? Let me talk about: Conveyor deviation adjustment methods commonly used in concrete mixing plants .

First, adjust the deviation by manually adjusting the roller or the supporting roller.

Second, use TD75 standard rotary trough self-aligning idler or parallel self-aligning idler to adjust the deviation. When the tape deviates, it hits the roller. There are a bunch of ball bearings inside the blocking roller, which can rotate. This reduces wear on the edges of the tape. At the same time, the vertical shaft drives the turret to rotate, so that the tape moves to the center. To achieve automatic offset adjustment.

Third, use DT standard cone up / down centering idler to adjust the deviation. There are other methods of adjusting the deviation, such as hydraulic or pneumatic deviation adjustment devices, forward tilting rollers, and so on.

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