Improve production efficiency of concrete mixing plant

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  1. According to the production capacity of civil commercial concrete mixing plant and the distance, route and road conditions of finished product transportation. Equipped with a sufficient number of transport vehicles, generally recommended by 1.2 times the number of productivity requirements.
  2. Factors affecting the productivity of concrete mixer equipment. In addition to mixing time and time utilization factor are the direct factors. There are also many related factors. Such as production organization, equipment management and operation quality. Among them, the technical status of equipment operation, raw materials and transportation vehicles are prepared. It also has a clear effect on ensuring and improving productivity.
  3. It is necessary to strengthen the maintenance management of the equipment of commercial concrete mixing plants. Ensure that the equipment is in good technical condition. And meet the requirements of the national environmental protection law. Establish a strict maintenance inspection system and preventive measures to ensure timely repairs.
  4. In order not to stop the commercial concrete mixing plant equipment for special reasons. There should be sufficient capacity for the storage of finished materials.
  5. The raw materials should be sampled and inspected, and aggregates (including powders) of different specifications should be stacked separately. And to prevent dust and rain. Asphalt heating should be timely and maintain a certain temperature. The aggregate storage capacity is more than 5 times of daily denier. Powder and asphalt are stored and more than twice the daily dosage.

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