Selection of raw materials for concrete mixers

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Concrete consists of cement, sand, stone, additives, additives and water. The performance and quality of these materials directly affect the quality and performance of the concrete mixer. Careful selection of raw materials is the foundation to ensure the quality of concrete.

  1. Stone
    Coarse aggregate refers to stones with a particle size greater than 5mm. In the mixing station, the pebble particle size is not greater than 80mm, and the crushed stone particle size is not greater than 60mm.
  2. Sand
    This means that the fine aggregate sand is no larger than 5mm gravel particle size. Mainly refers to sand, usually divided into coarse, medium, fine sand and super fine sand. It is expressed by the modulus of fineness from 0.7 to 3.7 depending on their size. Aggregates of sand and gravel usually require a good size gradient. That is, large, small heads and voids can be filled with each other. Therefore, a compact structure of the concrete product of the concrete mixer is formed. Good processability, not easy to separate during transportation.
  3. Cement
    Cement is a hydraulic cementing material. Mainly used as cement in commercial concrete. Common cement is commonly used in civil engineering. The proportion of cement in commercial concrete is selected according to the characteristics of various cements. The amount of cement is mainly determined according to the strength index. The strength of cement is reflected in cement.
    The strength grade cement mortar 28D is formed by the compressive strength test of the obtained test piece. For example, it has a strength of about 42.5 MPa of cement 425.

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