Leakage of 90 concrete mixing plant

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90 concrete mixing plant pressure reducing valve is invalid. The pressure adjustment is not high, and it is often replaced due to the rupture of the pressure spring or the rupture of the diaphragm. The pressure rises slowly and the filter is usually clogged. It should be removed for cleaning. What is the reason for the failure?

Joint leaks and hose ruptures in 90 concrete mixing plants can be determined by the sound of leak points. If condensation has accumulated in the pipes. It is easy to freeze and block the gas passage, and it should be removed in time. The core of the oil-water separator is blocked, and the movable part of the drain valve is not flexible. Always clean the filter element to remove oil, dirt and grime from the drain valve.

What are the common air source failures of 90 concrete mixing plants? Let's take a look at a series of concrete mixing plants.

 A common failure in the air compressor of a 90 concrete mixing plant is damage to the check valve. Severe wear of piston rings. Damage to the intake valve cover and clogging of the air filter. The air compressor stops automatically after more than ten seconds. Turn off the power and move the large pulley manually. If you can easily turn around for a week, the check valve will not be damaged, otherwise it will be damaged. It can also be judged according to the exhaust condition of the exhaust port under the automatic pressure switch. If the air compressor turns off automatically, it will exhaust until the air pressure.

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