Operation method of multifunction mixer

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What should I do if the mixing error of the multifunction mixer is too large?
These problems may exist during operation of the multifunction blender. If you want to use it better, learn about it in advance. In order to avoid frequent failures or accidents in subsequent use, it is more troublesome to solve. The following is some content compiled for everyone, I hope everyone will take a look.
  The appearance of the multifunction mixer not only saves manpower, but also saves time. The important thing is that the materials are completely and evenly mixed. However, due to the more load-bearing capacity and composition of the equipment, how do we grasp the error of the composition?
  Checking the control error of a qualified metering box is actually a test of the control accuracy of the feeder. This includes the scientific nature, reliability and stability of the mechanical structure and instrument procedures. The verification test can be carried out one by one according to the amount of ingredients and the order of ingredients.

When using a multifunctional blender. Do not let sand fall into the running part of the machine, so as not to jam the moving parts. After the upper hopper is raised, no one can pass or stay under the barrel to avoid accidents caused by brake failure. If maintenance or cleaning work is required under the bucket, it is necessary to stop the machine and hang the upper hopper on the safety chain.
  If your multifunctional blender contains too many ingredients during operation. Usually caused by the above reasons, then you can solve the problem according to this.

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