Routine maintenance of concrete mixing plant

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The construction conditions of the concrete mixing plant are rather harsh. Normally, the probability of anomalies in maintenance of concrete mixing plants is relatively high. As a result, the produced concrete is unqualified and the components of the concrete mixing plant are damaged. These will bring certain losses to the concrete mixing plant enterprises.
From this, we can discover how important the daily maintenance of the concrete mixing plant is. When operating the concrete mixing plant, it must be operated in accordance with strict operating procedures. After all, equipment for concrete mixing plants is expensive. Be sure to avoid equipment failure or component damage due to human error. Before opening the concrete mixing plant, be sure to check whether there is any abnormality in each system of the equipment. If abnormalities are found, they must be dealt with in a timely manner.

The above is the daily maintenance of the concrete mixing plant. Only during the maintenance of the concrete mixing plant. In order to effectively reduce the probability of mechanical failure of the concrete mixing plant during operation. There are matters needing attention in operation and maintenance. Today we will take a look at some knowledge in operation and storage systems.

  1. Grasp the basic knowledge related to concrete;
  2. Understand the purpose and function of each department of the concrete mixing plant and the function of each control component of the mixing plant;
  3. Understand the concrete mixing process and the operation process of the mixing station;
  4. During the operation, the operator needs to understand each link and process.

Only in this way can we handle accurately in the event of an emergency. To avoid equipment errors and material loss caused by manipulation errors.