Precautions and operating rules of concrete recycling plant

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Nowadays, it has become an important requirement for concrete batching plant to minimize the environmental impact during concrete production. If the required precautions are not taken, the environment will be adversely affected by increasing concrete production. Concrete Recycling Plant is mainly used to separate the sewage in washing tanker and gravel remaining in concrete, it recycle a majority of the waste concrete to be reused, so this problem is completely eliminated. Besides ,It can save a lot of labor force materials and finance.

Operating rules

1.Park the tank car in front of the tank of the separator, transfer the tank car hopper to the tank of the sand separator, and then reverse the tank car.

2. Open the control panel.

3. Turn the "water adding button" to the M gear and add water to the tank body of the tank car.  After the tanker is properly filled with water, turn off the water adding button.

4. After turning off the water adding button, rotate the "flushing button" to the M gear and the "main engine button" to the M gear at the same time. When the main engine is worked and the water in the separator tank starts to flush, slowly rotate the tank forward and slowly put the waste into the tank of the sand separator.

5. When the waste materials and waste water in the tank car are discharged, there will be no accumulated waste materials in the tank, turn off the flushing button.  After one minute, turn off the host button.


1. In the process of using sand separation, reversing must slowly uphill, in order to avoid rollover.  Be sure to tighten the handbrake when getting off the bus.

2.When the concrete recycling plant is working, hand don't stretch into the tank and separator.

3. Try not to stay on the sedimentation tank and clean water pond to prevent falling into the tank.

4. In case of special circumstances, please press the emergency stop button.

5. In the process of discharging must be slowly put in, in order to prevent the accumulation of sludge.

6.If there is a failure, timely notify the Equipment Division or control room.