Weighing Deviation in Concrete Mixing Plant

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"Weighing Deviation" means that the value displayed by computer weighing does not conform to the actual weight of the weighed material and exceeds the allowable error range. The reason for this deviation may be the problems of control system and control software, electronic components, or mechanical components of concrete mixing plant .

(1) First, it should be checked whether the mechanical component has an influence on the weighing deviation.

If the actual weight of the weighed material is larger than the the value displayed by the computer, this possibility should be excluded first to ensure that the deformation of the gravity sensor or the displacement of the weighing bucket in the direction of gravity is not restricted.

(2) Check the gravity sensor for damage.

If one or more of the three sensors on a scale have a problem, the amount of deformation of the strain gauge does not reach the proper amount, and the actual weight of the material is greater than the value of the computer weighing display. In this case, it can be tested by standard weight

(3) Check the control system and control software.

1) Weighing End Time Setting Problem.  The weighing system should have a stable period after the feeding door is instructed to close. If there is no such period or there is not enough time, the computer weighing display will give smaller data.  The weighing system will shake a little under the impact of materials. After stopping feeding, it will also take a stable time. 

2) Weighing advance setting problem. The setting of the weighing advance is mainly considering that after the feeding door is closed, a part of the material is still in the air, and the amount has not been added to the sensor.