QT4-22 Concrete Brick Making Machine

  • Model: QT4-22
  • Production: Standard /Hollow  Brick
  • Eight hour yield: 32000/ 7000
  • Produce Period(s): 22
  • power: 19.65KW
  • Dimension(mm): 2950*2150*1600
  • Give Plank Size(mm): 850*550*30

QT4-22 block making machine can use fly ash, cinder, coal gangue, ceramsite, river sand, tailings slag, slag, construction waste to produce various unburned hollow brick. And according to user’s requirements, to design a variety of molds to produce different kinds of bricks.


  1. Reasonable design and compact structure can achieve directional vibration, frequency braking, and immediately cancel the energy consumption. There is no need to the board fabric by manual and greatly reducing the labor intensity.
  2. Pressure from up and down, strong vibrator, especially suitable for high-strength block production, can stacking (3-5 layers) immediately after forming.
  3. A multi-purpose machine, equipped with different molds can produce a variety of specific block.

Abnormal shape mold can be produced according to customer’s needs.

 QT4-22block making machine
 Name  Standard Brick  Hollow Brick
 Mold Number  26  4
 Eight Hour Yield  32000  7000
 Procuce period  22  22
 Specification  240*115*53  390*190*190
 power  19.65KW
 Dimension(mm)  2950*2150*1600
 Give Plank Size(mm)  850*550*30

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