QT5-20 Concrete Brick Making Machine

  • Model: QT5-20
  • Production: Standard /Hollow /Bread Brick
  • Eight hour yield: 60000/ 7200/ 30000
  • Produce Period(s): 17/ 20

The equipment can produce various types of hollow brick,standard brick, colored brick, water brick, hexagonal brick, curb, cement pad and so on by changing the mold. It achieves a multi-purpose effect. It helps to avoid the waste of the funds when you intend to produce different kinds of bricks.


  1. Simple overall structure, durable, safe and reliable.
  2. Four-column guide, patented lengthened guide sleeves make the structure is more durable.
  3. Supporting equipment comprehensive, improving the degree of mechanization and saving human resources.
  4. Compulsory die synchronized structure to ensure the uniformed thickness of products, stable demoulding and high rate of finished products.
 QT5-20 multi-function brick making machine
 Name  Standard Brick  Hollow Brick  Bread Brick  Hollow Brick
 Model Number  32  5  20  5
 Eight hour yield  60000  7200  30000  5760
 Produce Period(s)  17  17  20  20
 Specification  240*115*53  390*190*190  200*100*55  390*190*240

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