Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Mixing Plant

  • Capacity: 3-8 tons /hour
  • Produced mortar type: masonry mortar, plastering mortar, insulated masonry mortar, decorated mortar and other special mortar.
  • Power: 1.5-22 kw
  • Excellent mixing homogeneity in rapid time
  • Batch or Continuous type is available
  • Low investment with fast investment return

Semi-automatic Dry Mortar Mixing Plant puts a variety of raw materials into the feeding hopper in sequence according to the proportion. Under the action of the control system, the equipment realizes automatic feeding, automatic dust removal, automatic mixing, and automatic quantitative filling. The production line covers an area of about 300,000 square meters, with a height of 6-9 meters, an output of 3-8 tons per hour, and only need 3-5workers.

The production line has small investment and quick effect, which is an ideal choice for investment.

Features of Semi-automatic dry mortar production line:

  • With high-degree dispersity: Unique designs inside of the mixer can effectively disperse polypropylene fiber and wood fibers which completely solve the problems about liquate and the secondary fiber reunion caused by the difference of the materials proportion.
  • With wide application: Semi-automatic dry mortar mixing plant can produce various mortar such as masonry mortar, plastering mortar, insulated masonry mortar, decorated mortar and other special mortar.
  • With higher cost performance: Used for producing external wall insulation and decorative mortars, only needs low investment cost ,but with higher production efficiency, also can avoid equipment idle and resource waste caused by large investment.
  • Easy to operate: Small area coverage and low energy consumption, easy to operate.

Features of Twin Shafts Paddle Mixer:

  • Excellent mixing homogeneity in rapid time.
  • Abrasion resistant and heavy duty design for some abrasive material.
  • Big size discharge valve to minimize residues.
  • Top high speed lump breaker device for de-agglomeration requirement.


Main Technical Parameters of Dry Mortar Mixer:

Model Full volume(M³) Mixing Power(KW) Dimension(MM) Weight(kg)
WZ-0.05 0.05 1.5 1290×660×837 230
WZ-0.2 0.2 4 1124×1110×720 260
WZ-0.4 0.4 4 1400×1250×1030 450
WZ-0.5 0.5 7.5 1450×1500×950 800
WZ-1 1 11 1800×1800×1350 1150
WZ-1.5 1.5 15 1850×1950×1180 1500
WZ-2 2 18.5 2200×2400×1600 2800
WZ-2.5 2.5 22 2300×2300×1620 4200

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