Tower Type Wall Putty Plant

  • Capacity: 20-80 tons /hour
  • Produced mortar type: masonry mortar, plastering mortar, insulated masonry mortar, decorated mortar and other special mortar.
  • Power: 310-400 kw
  • Excellent mixing performance
  • Small footprint and high efficiency

Tower Type Wall Putty  Manufacturing Plant, its material silos are on the top, then weighting system, mixer, bulk storage etc. This plant adopts top-down, multi-layer, tower type layout. The materials are lift to silos, then flow to transport by its own gravity. This layout is compact, which takes small area, no use extra device, low energy consumption, easy to clean and no dust, so it is a popular way and widely use.

Workflow for Tower Type Dry Mortar Production Line:

This production line is arranged from top to bottom according to different machine function. They are raw material storage system, weighting and batching system, mixing, bulk storage, and packing system.

  1. The raw materials are sent to silos by pneumatic conveying or bucket elevator.
  2. when need to measure, the butterfly under silo will open automatically, the raw materials flows to weighting scale(if powder material can not flow, can use screw conveyor to deliver.). weighting scale will close the butterfly according to preset procedure after get the needed materials, then weighting finished.
  3. After the mixer finish the last batch materials and send it to product surge bin, the Pneumatic valve under weighing scale will open, and weighted materials fall off to the mixer and start to mix.
  4. The product in surge bin are send to product truck, bag package or product bin via material distributor.

Advantage:The tower type production line are sealed and self flow, so it is low consumption, high efficiency, material no waste, no dust polluted, and low failure. The raw materials are  on top, so takes 1/3 area of flat layout production line.

Spec Name Unit

Model & Spec

    XFT10000 XFT6000 XFT4000 XFT2000
Theory Capacity T/h 80-85 55-60 35-50 20-25
Mixer Model   WZ-10 WZ-6 WZ-4 WZ-2
Mixer Volume M3 10 6 4 2
Mixer Loading Coefficient   70% 70% 70% 70%
Mixer Power kw 55 45 22 18.2
Dryer Model   ZMST3275 ZMST3270 ZMST3265 ZMST3260
Dryer Capacity T/h 50-55 45-50 30-35 15-25
Dry Power kw 4*11 4*7.5 4*7.5 2*7.5
Silo Qty & Volume M3 3*80 3*80 3*80 3*50
Sand Bin Qty&Volume M3 1*400+4*70 1*300+4*60 1*200+4*50 1*140+4*50
Additive Qty&Volume M3 4*1 4*1 4*1 4*1
Sand Weighting Volume M3 3 2 1.2 1.6
Sand Weighting Accuracy % ≤±1.5 ≤±1.5 ≤±1.5 ≤±1.5
Power Weighting Volume M3 1.5 1    
Power Weighting Accuracy 5 ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1
Additive  Weighting Volume M3 1 1 1 1
Additive Weighting Accuracy kg ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5
Tower Dimension(L*W*H) m 20*15*39.5 20*15*39.5 20*15*39.5 20*15*39.5
Power kw =400 =360 =330 =310

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