Requirements of lubricating oil for concrete mixer

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Check the lubrication of the lubrication points of each operating part of the concrete mixer. Insufficient lubrication, the floating seal ring in the shaft end seal is easily damaged. It causes leakage at the rail ends and a series of hazards caused by the stable-mixing soil mixer.

Lubrication of the chain is also extremely important. Open the cover of each transmission chain at least once a week. Apply a small amount of grease to the chain, and clean the chain every 300 hours of operation. The lubricant used in the concrete mixer must be very pure and clean. There must be no impurities, dust, etc. in the mud. To prevent damage to lubrication and damage to the surface of the parts of the concrete mixer.

According to the provisions of the lubrication manual of engineering concrete mixer parts. Add lubricating oil with appropriate viscosity to each part of the concrete mixer regularly and on time. Lubricating oil in oil sump and oil tank. It should be replaced regularly according to the specifications of the parts manual of the concrete mixer. When changing the oil, the oil sump and the like must be cleaned with kerosene.
During construction, the cleaning of the concrete mixer must be in place. Because during construction, some raw materials or semi-finished products will fall around the conveyor belt or mixing tank. If it is not cleaned in time, it will pile up and affect the normal operation of the entire conveyor belt. Therefore, when the concrete mixer is in operation, it must be continuously cleaned.

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