Some notes for concrete mixing plants

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Concrete mixing plant produces concrete to provide more customer support. Better quality is guaranteed in the production process of the mixing plant. Therefore, some precautions need to be kept in mind when ensuring the production and quality of the concrete mixing plant.

  1. In the production process, the operator should concentrate on taking measures to find abnormal problems. And timely take measures to report to the field engineer.
  2. The concrete mixing time should be strictly in accordance with the technological requirements and instructions of the mixer. High-strength concrete should extend the mixing time.
  3. Equipped with appropriate technicians and necessary inspection and experimental equipment. Establish and improve necessary technical management and quality control systems.
  4. During the production process, arrange personnel to check the quality of the materials. If you find that the mixture is out of proportion, check the lower feeder. Whether the conveyor and console are operating properly. If there are any problems, please make adjustments in time.
  5. If the adjustment ratio is still abnormal, stop production immediately. And tell the laboratory to carry out sampling tests, and then produce according to the new mixing ratio.
  6. When loading, the loaders should cooperate with each other to balance the feeding without overflow or damage. And ensure safe driving.

  In addition, when the concrete mixing station is inverted, the helium suction cylinder will increase the pressure when it is output to the outside. It also has compressibility, which is also a small idling stroke. Therefore, the concrete mixing station will also generate a current interruption during the pumping process. problem.

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