The difference between commercial mixing plant and engineering mixing plant

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First, the use of concrete is different

The engineering mixing plant is a concrete mixing equipment for a specific project, providing special concrete for the project. The commercial mixing plant is a concrete mixing equipment based on commercial purposes, and its main objective is to widely meet the needs of a variety of customers.

Second, the device configuration is different

Because the engineering mixing plant produces concrete for self-use, the configuration is relatively simple; because the commercial mixing plant is based on the different requirements of customers, the corresponding concrete is sold to customers, so the equipment will be more comprehensive.

Third, the measurement is different

Engineering mixing plant generally use belt scales for the measurement and transportation of aggregates, while commercial mixing plant generally use a measuring bucket for the measurement of aggregates.

Fourth, different ways of upgrading

The engineering mixing plant uses a bucket lifter to lift the aggregate, while the commercial mixing plant generally uses a tilting belt conveyor to complete the work.

Fifth, the outer seal is different

The engineering mixing plant is generally near the project, so there is no need for an external seal, but the environment may be a bit messy. The commercial mixing plant is mainly for profit, generally requires external sealing, and the environment is relatively clean.

Sixth, the price is different

Generally speaking, the price of commercial mixing station is relatively high. This is not difficult to understand. We can see from the above configuration, but this is not absolute. After all, the price of the mixing plant has a great relationship with the model.