Precast Concrete Slab Forming Machine

  • Fast Molding Speed : 1.2-1.4m/min.
  • Low Labor Strength And High Efficiency.
  • Long Service Life For The Precast Concrete Slab Forming Machine.
  • Strong Bearing Of The Prestressed Concrete Slabs.
  • Only 3~4 Workers Needed For The Production Line.

Prestressed Concrete Hollow Slab making machine (Non-round hole/round hole) have the characteristics of Reasonable design, simple operation, easy maintenance, long service life for spareparts, etc. The machine works on concrete platform, while Using the high-strength low-relaxation steel strand as the guide and the pushing work method to form the concrete hollow-core slab. With smooth surface, high-density structure, and high strength and precise dimension, the concrete hollow slabs produced out can meet all the national standard requirements.

The machine can make slab with length range from 4.2m to 18m;

The slab width can be 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm;

And slab thickness of slab can be 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 200mm, 220mm,250mm, 300mm and 380mm.

The machine has became the ideal and economical choice for the slab factory who produce high strength hollow core slab to use for large span and high bearing area such as workshops, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings, warehouses and residences etc.

Main characteristics

1.Advanced and matured technology of the precast prestressed concrete slab production line.

2.Fast molding speed of the precast prestressed concrete slab machine:1.2-1.4m/min.

3.Low labor strength and high efficiency of the precast prestressed concrete slab production line.

4.Long service life for the precast prestressed concrete slab machines.

5.Strong bearing of the precast prestressed concrete slabs.

6.Only 3~4 workers needed for the precast prestressed concrete slab production.

Model Power


Forming Speed


Slab Max. Length


Steel Strand


Hole Qty./Shape
120-1200 15 1.2-1.4 6 12-Φ7 11Holes/ Round
150-1200 15 1.2-1.4 7.5 14-Φ9.5 13Holes/Oval
180-1200 19 1.2-1.4 9 10-Φ12.7 11Holes/Peach
200-1200 22 1.2-1.4 10.2 10-Φ12.7 8Holes/Peach
220-1200 22 1.2-1.4 11 10-Φ12.7 6Holes/Round
250-1200 26 1.2-1.4 12.6 10-Φ12.7 8Holes/Peach
300-1200 33 1.2-1.4 15 12-Φ12.7 6Holes/Peach
380-1200 44 1.2-1.4 18 14-Φ12.7 7Holes / Lozenge

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