QT4-40 Concrete Brick Making Machine

  • Model: QT4-40
  • Production: Standard /Hollow /Multihole Brick
  • Eight hour yield: 12000/ 2000/ 5000/ 1800
  • Produce Period(s): 35-40

The reasonable structure, simple operation, easy maintenance and small investment makes it very suitable for the production of standard brick. The strength is much higher than the clay sintered brick. The replacement of mold can produce a variety of blocks. The working site is around 2000m2 and it just needs 2 or 3 workers . It can widely use slag, sand, gravel, aluminum dross, electrolytic copper slag, coal gangue, construction waste, fly ash, volcanic slag and other raw materials. The raw materials are everywhere so it is extremely convenient to build a factory.


  1. Simple overall structure, durable, safe and reliable.
  2. The model is easy to operate and can produce various unburned brick by changing the molds.

Abnormal shape mold can be produced according to customer’s needs.

 QT4-40 brick making machine
 Name  Standard brick  Hollow brick  Multihole Brick  Hollow brick
 Model Number  26  4  12  3
 Eight Hour Yield  12000  2000  5000  1800
 Produce Period(s)  40  35-40  35-40  40
 Specifications  240*115*53  390*190*190  240*115*90  390*240*190

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