Selection of mobile mixing plant frame

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The selection of the structural form of the mobile mixing plant frame is a relatively complicated process. Structural forms, component parts and node structures need to be analyzed in detail in conjunction with specific conditions. Structural plans require technical and economic comparisons.
  Because various devices have different specifications and requirements. Therefore, it is difficult to formulate a uniform rack structure selection method. However, the following general rules can be suggested using structural mechanics knowledge.

First, check and maintain various components regularly
  Mobile mixing plant consists of batching system, metering system, mixing system and control system. Especially the composition of the mixing system plays a key role in the normal operation of the concrete mixing plant . Before each start, the staff on duty should check the condition of each key component in advance.
  Second, make good consumable spare parts.
  After a period of operation at the concrete mixing plant. The wearing parts are easily damaged due to long-term work. Such as the lining of the mixer, the blades and so on. Some gifts will be provided at the factory. However, users still need to prepare and prepare more wearing parts in advance.

 Third, maintain the correct operation
  When operating the concrete mixing plant, the instructions for use must be strictly observed. Private operations are prohibited to avoid unnecessary trouble. After the work of the concrete mixing plant is completed, the materials in the silos of each system are discharged. The main power is cut off, effectively realizing the service life of the concrete mixing plant .

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