Questions you may ask when you buy concrete batching plant

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Q1: I want to purchase your machine,what size should I buy?

A: What do you need it for? Doing projects or selling commercial concrete?If you use them for projects,  divide the total quantity demand by the total duration days of your projects and then times 2, you can get your quantity demand per day.Divide the quantity demand per day by 6, you will get the corresponding type you need.Then, according to the size of your site and your budget to choose the right equipment. If you want to make commercial concrete, you should decide according to the market and for the large site, based on the actual situation,I recommend large equipment, for example, HZS90, HZS120HZS180. If It’s rural market,  I recommend HZS75 and even smaller.  I will recommend according to your situation. 

Q2:what are the factors that affects the chose of the concrete mixer?

A:Market demand; Site size; Transformer capacity; financial strength; personnel allocation;

Q3:How many cement silo should I purchase to match my site?

A:According to the cement types you need in daily use, one cement silo for each kind, one spare cement silo for the main kind.If you need, you can buy one more for fly ash silo.

Q4:I want to purchase the concrete batching machine, how many hoppers do I need?

A:According to the type number of aggregate such as stone and sand. One hopper for each type.

Q5:How much is your machine?

A:The prices vary for different types and configurations.However, the price are marked clearly. We also have detailed quotation for different projects. This is decided by the customers. It is total clear for our customers. We use the module production system and have detailed quotation.Our customer can choose their own configuration.

Q6:Are your equipment easy to operate?

A:Our HZS series concrete batching plant uses the automatic production and automatic control system. It saves manpower and improves the batching accuracy as well as minimizes the personnel and maximizes production.

Q7: Is your equipment easy to repair?How is your after-sale service?

A: Our HZS series concrete mixing plants use the module production and assembling. There’s little chance of total failure. The repair is simple and convenient. Our company is responsible for the training of the operator to make sure that they master the basic knowledge of operating and the maintainance of the equipment and maintain the equipment on time.Then,you can find out the breakdown and solve the problem as soon as possible and give us feedback of the pointed reasons of the breakdown.Meanwhile, we provide free attached quick-wear spare parts when we deliver the commodities to make sure our customers solve the problems the first time they got it.This will have the least loss and get back to normal in no time.

Our company also have a professional after-sale service team. They will get to the customer’s site in the shortest time to solve the problems in time. We provide the meticulous service and life-long guarantee for our domestic and international customers the whole year through.